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If you have a compressed air system, a compressed air receiver, or a compressed air tank, is an important component.  Whilst an air receiver tank is not an essential part of your system, its key purpose is to provide temporary storage for your compressor to allow for peaks in demand and to make your system as efficient as possible. It provides an extra reserve of compressed air you can use during periods of high demand and reduces the overall operating pressures for your system and can provide energy savings.  Installing an air receiver within your compressed air system can be more costly initially but can help to save money over the long term by saving on repair costs. 

Why choose a compressed air receiver?  

Installing an air receiver provides a number of benefits, including: 
  • Store compressed air - air receiver tanks act as a great source of storage for your air compressor. It will keep compressed air from when your compressor was last used which means you can use it when the compressor is turned on again. This can help to save time and means compressed air is available immediately. 
  • Reduces condensation - condensation occurs naturally but it can cause water vapour to form within the system which can reduce overall efficiency. Air receivers have moisture traps to provide an extra level of moisture removal. 
  • Maintains constant pressure - the pistons used to operate air compressors provide air in pulses that can make working in high demand applications more difficult. An air receiver will dampen the pulsation and provide a steady flow of compressed air at constant pressure. A more constant stream of air can help to reduce wear and tear on the air compressor and make it much easier to work.  
If you need a used air receiver for your business but the costs bring water to your eyes, look no further than Air Supply’s used stock database. We hold the largest stock of used compressors, used air receivers, used air dryers and compressed air equipment in the UK.  If you can’t find what you want, just email or call us as we have new items arriving daily.

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At Air Supply Ltd, we stock the largest range of used air compressors in the UK and Ireland. All of our used air compressor units are in top condition and perfect working order, ensuring they work as good as new.

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