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Atlas Copco CD24 Desiccant Air Dryer Breathing air purifier

Ref: #010916 | Hours: low | Price: £1,795.00

Here we have for sale a Breathing air purifier, compressed air dryer, single phase 230volt

The unit starts with a 0.01 micron oil & particular removal filter, then goes into a twin tower, desiccant air dryer (CD24) which will remove 99.9999999% of the moisure from the compressed air, to a pressure dewpoint (dryness measurement) of -40C.
At -16C is where bacteria is killed off, so this is why it is a true breathing air set, not just a dryer, or a breathing air set of two filters on a wall.
Following the filtered and dried air, it passed through a HOC21 tower, this has Hoctalite and Activated carbon inside. the Hoctalite removes any Carbon Monoxide in the air, and the activated carbon then takes aroma and aerosols from the air. 
Finally there is a 1micron  line filter that acts as a dust filter for all the media inside the unit.
The dryer is a pressure swing dryer so as one tower gets wet with the moisture, the second is regenerating itself, then they swap so you get arid dry air for years without maintenance.
Capacity is 50cfm flow rate, so will treat the air for a good size workshop or 5 men breathing on it max.

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