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Dental Air Compressor EKOM DK50 2V/50/S/M

Ref: #009343 | Hours: low | Price: £2,495.00

Here we have for sale a super silenced, 100% oil free dental or laboratory air compressor.

230volt single phase plug and play machine.

110 litres per minute flow rate, 8 bar max working pressure

100 % duty machine, this is the ultimate in clean dry air.

The oil free air is dried to an impressive -20C dewpoint on route to being stored in the large 50 litre air receiver.

The dryer has just had a full overhaul with new desiccant cartridges, seals and none return valves.

The unit comes with the £1587.00 super silenced cabinet option, that brings the noise level down from an already quiet 71 db(A) to an impressive 56 db(A)

Retail cost of £4960.00 this has got to be a bargain buy

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