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Published: 21/06/2023

How often should an air compressor be serviced?

Air compressors are essential to many businesses, and regular compressor servicing is essential to keep them running efficiently and effectively. It’s important that you know how often to service your compressor to reduce the likelihood of repairs and breakdown and increase the machine’s longevity. 

In this blog, we’ll cover how often you should service your compressor, know when it needs a service, and how to look after your machine in between services. 

How regularly should you service your air compressor?

Servicing your compressor regularly is essential for keeping it functioning correctly. Regular servicing by a professional air compressor technician can increase your compressor’s performance and longevity. So, how regularly should you service your compressor?

Most compressor manufacturers recommend servicing annually or every 2,000 hours of use (whichever comes first). This might mean you carry out a service at a set interval, such as every 6, 9, or 12 months, depending on how frequently you use your compressor. 

Although you should service your compressor on a set schedule, there might be times when you need to service it outside of this. If your compressor’s performance has significantly decreased, consider booking it for servicing as soon as possible. 

How to know when your compressor needs to be serviced?

Knowing when your compressor needs an impromptu service can significantly reduce the likelihood of future repairs or breakdowns. A service will also allow you to identify problems as early as possible, reducing costs. 

Loss of pressure 

If your compressor experiences a sudden or gradual loss of pressure, this is a sign that it might have a leak. Compressor leaks can be detrimental to performance and expensive for your business. If your compressor has a leak, it will have to use more energy to compensate for the loss in pressure, reducing its efficiency and increasing your running energy costs. 

High temperature 

Air compressors that are fully functional should effectively dissipate heat as they operate. However, if you notice that your compressor is hotter than normal or is regularly overheating, this is a clear indicator of a problem. This could be caused by blocked pipes or cracked filters – issues usually identified with regular servicing before they become a problem. You should have your compressor inspected as soon as possible to reduce downtime and further damage. 

Loud noises 

An unusual or loud noise is a clear sign that something might be wrong with your compressor. Although air compressors are usually loud, you should still be able to tell if it sounds different or louder than normal. You should look for unusual banging, grumbling, squealing, or rattling sounds. These sounds could be evidence of loose, worn, or damaged parts. 

How to look after your compressor in between services

Although regular servicing will help to keep your compressor fully functional and working efficiently, you should not rely on this alone – frequent preventative maintenance is also necessary to reduce the likelihood of future problems. This will ultimately help save your business money by reducing the number of repairs and ensuring your compressor works at peak performance. 

Read the manual 

Although it might sound simple, the manufacturer’s manual will provide tips and guidance on how to look after your specific compressor to increase its lifespan and efficiency.

Regular cleaning 

You should clean your compressor regularly to ensure that it’s functioning effectively. This should include the following: 

  • Dusting all surfaces of the machine.
  • Removing debris from the coolers and heat exchanges. 
  • Cleaning any residual oil.
  • Checking and cleaning the connectors (repairing or replacing any faulty ones).

Check the condensation drain valves and traps 

Air compressors have valves that are used to drain any excess moisture. These should be regularly checked, cleaned and drained to avoid getting blocked. 

Inspect the hoses

Regularly checking the hoses for signs of corrosion or cracks is essential. If you notice any damage, you should replace the hose immediately. This prevents future leaks and pressure loss.

Clear intake vents 

The intake vents can become clogged by dust, causing the compressor to overheat or lose pressure. You should check the intake vents regularly and clear out any debris. 

Tighten any loose fasteners

It’s easy for your compressor’s fasteners to become loose through the vibrations. Checking for any loose nuts, screws, and bolts and tightening any you find will help ensure your compressor remains fully functional. 

Change the oil and filters 

If you have an oil-lubricated compressor, you should replace all the oil annually. You should also check the oil filters regularly for any build-up of contaminants and change these once a year as well. 

Check air filters 

Air filters can easily become clogged or blocked by dust or debris. Check them regularly and change them if you notice any build-up to ensure your compressor’s air quality.

Clean the fuel tank 

Regular and thorough cleaning of your compressor’s engine helps remove contaminants and improves the engine’s longevity. 

Replace the separator elements 

You should change your compressor’s separator elements after every 1,000 hours of use to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. 

For a more detailed description of compressor maintenance, have a look at our blog, ‘A guide to maintaining an industrial air compressor’. 

How Air Supply can help 

We’re a professional and reliable compressed air company based in York. We have over a decade of experience selling, servicing, and repairing all compressed air systems and equipment. Air Supply stocks a huge range of quality new air compressors and one of the Uk’s largest stocks of used air equipment

Air compressor service 

Our experienced air compressor technicians offer high-quality air compressor servicing to help improve your compressor’s performance and increase life expectancy. Our service engineers have experience serving all makes, models and types of compressed air equipment, including screw compressors, piston compressors, oil-free compressors, and silent compressors

We will even remind you when it’s time for a new service (according to the manufacturer’s recommendations), so it’s easy to keep your machine working at the highest level!

Air compressor repairs

We also offer an air compressor repair service if your compressor has broken down or isn’t functioning as it should be. From electrical fault diagnostics to sourcing genuine parts, our factory-trained engineers can repair your machine as quickly as possible to reduce its impact on your business. 

If you’re looking for a quality air compressor service or repair, contact us today. We’ll happily talk you through our range of services and products and see how we can best help you!


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