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New Silent Air Compressors from Air Supply UK

Air compressors can be extremely noisy and this is a particular problem in the dental or laboratory sectors, where working in close proximity to the air compressor is unavoidable. Silent air compressors are designed with noise dampening properties to minimise or eradicate the noise. 

Silent air compressors and, sometimes, oil free air compressors are the perfect solution for settings in which a quiet air compressor is required or where it is imperative that oil does not pass through to the tools (such as within medical facilities). Our silent air compressors are perfect for use in applications where noise levels must be kept to a minimum. A quiet air compressor can be used in a range of different industries and can provide cost savings, as well as being more environmentally friendly. 

Find out more about what oil free air compressors are and how they work. 

At Air Supply UK, we supply super silenced, lubricated air compressors which run with noise levels as low as 38db (A) and oil free cabinet enclosed clean dry air versions as low as 49db(A)

Choose a silent compressor from our range of ultra-silent lubricated or our oil free class 0 range of silent air compressors:

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At Air Supply UK, we stock the largest range of new and used air compressors in the UK and Ireland. All of our used silent air compressor uk units are in top condition and perfect working order, ensuring they work as good as new. 

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Dental & Laboratory Silent Compressors
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At Air Supply UK, we are an authorised distributor for Absolute Air and Gas air compressor supplies. Their vast range of small lab and dental air compressors is world leading, both in oil lubricated super silenced air compressors, and the amazingly heavy duty, quiet, oil free EKOM air compressors. 

Package options include: 

  • Open frame 
  • Cabinet enclosed
  • Without dryer 
  • With integral air dryer 

Select the appropriate drop down for your requirements and browse the range, do not hesitate to email us or pick up the phone (01904 607050) and ask for advice on your new purchase.

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