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The ambient air that is pulled into an air compressor is often polluted with dirt particles and water vapour which condenses into liquid water when the air is compressed. Impurities in the air can cause business disruption which can lead to downtime of the machinery and costs to your business that can be avoided. Air treatment systems can help to improve air quality 

The process of treating compressed air usually involves an air dryer or filter in addition to the air filter found within your existing air compressor. An effective treatment system helps to remove any particles that can negatively impact your air compressor. 

Compressed air treatment is a necessity to ensure the long service life of the screws in the pneumatic equipment and the quality of your air production. Air treatment provides better energy efficiency from your air compressor and helps to prolong the life of your system by reducing the rust and corrosion that can be caused by wet or dirty air. 

If the air inside the compressor is clean and high quality, it will be able to run faster and will not contain any particles that can corrode your compressor over time. The air used by your compressor will also be dry so will not promote the growth of rust in the same way as humid air does. 

Products for air treatment include: 

  • Filtration – this helps to separate impurities in the air through a multi-stage process. 
  • Accessories – these include water/oil separators, condensate drains, cyclone separators and vertical receivers. 

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At Air Supply, we have extensive experience with compressed air systems and compressed air treatment systems. Our team can provide advice and guidance on the best product for your compressor to help you find the filter or dryer best suited to your application and to comply with industry regulations. 

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Air Treatment
Air Treatment from Air Supply UK
Worthington Creyssensac

Worthington Creyssensac

Having been one of Worthington compressors premier distributors for over a quarter of a century, we at Air Supply Ltd have been instrumental in aiding Worthington Compressors to be one of the UK’s market leaders in industrial air compressors and equipment.

Worthington-Simpson was a British pump manufacturer founded by Thomas Simpson around 1785, It continued as an independent pump manufacturer until 1969. Creyssensac was created in 1934 by Elie Creyssensac, who built its reputation for piston compressors in the automotive industry.

From 1966, screw compressors have been added to the range and became an important player in the industry. In 1973, the fusion of Worthington and Creyssensac formed a formidable player in the manufacturer of industrial screw compressors.

Purchased in 1980 by Atlas Copco, Worthington is now part of the Mutiair group of Atlas Copco companies, ensuring the standard of products match that of the world renown owners.

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