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Published: 17/11/2020

Six Industries That Require an Air Compressor Service

An air compressor is a valuable piece of equipment used by a number of diverse industries. This range covers everything from breweries, to the automotive industry and fire departments, and we wouldn’t have many of our vital products and services without the use of air compressors.

An air compressor is a specific type of gas compressor that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. They work by forcing air into a container and applying pressure to it; the air is then forced through an opening into another tank, where it’s release can be controlled by a valve. The compressed air can be used as energy once it’s released; usually to power pneumatic tools, machines or construction equipment. Most air compressors run on electrical power and larger models are lubricated with oil to reduce friction and noise while running.

If you’d like to know more about six industries who use air compressors and the applications they use them for, read on for our handy guide.

The industries which require an air compressor service

As mentioned above, a diverse range of industries rely on air compressors to deliver goods and services; from car manufacturing to beer production. If you want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes in some of these industries, read on to find out more.


Air compressors have been used to power tools in the automotive industry for decades, as they help to cut down on the time spent on each job. Compressed air can be used in many different ways, by both manufacturing companies and commercial garages.

A repair garage might use an air compressor to give a car a custom spray paint job, or to repair superficial damage to the car’s bodywork. At an industrial level, the automotive industry uses compressed air to power energy for robotic lines and to operate paint pumps. It can also be used to power cutting and welding operations, as well as filtering the air in spray paint booths or specialist breathing apparatus. This is very important for anyone working with harsh chemicals or spray paint, but air compressors help to power filter systems which ensure that clean air is being circulated at all times.

Small air compressors are also used to inflate vehicle and bicycle tyres and you may even have a version sitting at home in your garage.


You might think that air compressors are exclusive to urban, industrial industries, but they’re widely used by the agricultural sector too. Large dairy farms use air compressors to power pumps for milking cows on a large scale, but they also have many more uses.

Smaller air compressors can be used to inflate vehicle tyres (including trailers, tractors and other farm vehicles). Pneumatic nail guns are also frequently used on farms, as they allow workers to build structures like chicken coops or pens quickly and easily. These nail guns are powered by – you guessed it – pressurised air and a small air compressor can be combined with a nail gun or stapler for quick, efficient work.

Some farms also use air powered gates; these use pressurised air to automatically open and close a gate when required. This helps to control the flow of livestock during milking, vaccinations or other important processes. Air compressors are also used to power spray tools; including cleaning equipment (which blasts away dirt with compressed air) and crop sprayers which are used to distribute pesticides or fertilisers.

Fire departments

Clean, breathable air is vital for anyone working on the frontline in a fire department and air compressors play a very important role. Pressurizing the air is actually one of the most effective ways to purify it, so many fire departments have invested in portable air compressing systems to keep their first responders safe.

These mobile units allow workers to breathe clean, purified air, even if their environment is full of harmful smoke. Most scuba diving equipment also uses pressurised air systems to allow divers to breathe when underwater. This is used by a wide range of divers, from those diving as a hobby, to military personnel or underwater rescue teams.


Woodwork is another diverse industry where air compressors are used and they’re incredibly useful for anyone working in a woodshop. Compressors are used to power a wide range of woodworking tools, including nail guns, spray guns, sanders and stain guns. Woodwork also generates a lot of sawdust and mess, but compressors can be used to blast residue off tools and to keep surfaces clean and clear.

Air compressors are also frequently used in the furniture manufacturing process. They’re mainly used to power production lines that use air tools, such as automated sprayers (to coat furniture), automatic nail guns and drill feed systems.


You might be surprised to learn that air compressors play a vital role in beer production! CO2 and nitrogen are the gases that help give your favourite lager it’s crisp taste and air compressors are required to get the correct amounts into each draught.

They’re also used during the aeration process; this is an important process where oxygen is added to the yeast during fermentation. Compressed air is also a vital part of the bottling process and air compressors are used to move beer from the conditioning tank to the bottle. Pressurized air helps to keep the lines clean and free of water and other contaminants.

As you might imagine, hygiene is very important when working in the food and drink industry and air compressors can be used to power important cleaning tools. Many breweries use air powered pressure washers to clean equipment, including kegs, brew kettles and fermentation tanks. Compressed air is actually used in some way in almost every stage of beer production, including the clarifying process. Air compressors are used to power machinery which removes solids and ensures a clean, clear final product.

Theme parks

If you’re a thrill seeker, then you’ve got air compressors to thank for many of your favourite rides. Compressed air can be used to create a ‘natural cushion’ that makes roller coasters, ferris wheels and other rides more comfortable for passengers. It also provides a safer alternative to electric power for water based rides. Air compressors are brought in to generate waves, currents or power spray jets and they’re easier to maintain than electric systems.

Hydraulic gates and barriers are also seen throughout theme parks to help regulate the flow of customers and ensure everyone can board an attraction safely. Air compressors power these systems for an efficient, streamlined operation.

Air Supply UK – the specialist compressed air engineers

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