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Published: 14/08/2020

Safety Tips For Working With Air Compressors

Health and safety is important in any workplace, but it’s particularly important if you work with heavy machinery. Air compressors are one such type of high powered machinery, and they’re used in a range of industries, including the automotive, manufacturing and electronics sectors. Air compressors are essential for many businesses, but they can pose a hazard if they’re not operated correctly.

The right safety precautions keep your employees protected and ensure your air compressors stay in the best condition possible, so if you want to learn more about how to stay safe, read on for our handy guide.

Perform routine safety checks

Anyone operating an air compressor should perform a routine safety check before each use. This includes checking the oil level, ensuring the air filter is clear and unclogged, and checking that your air compressor is securely connected to the air source. You should also ensure any connecting outlets have the proper grounding and that there’s a sufficient amount of fuel.

Wear the right PPE

It’s vital to ensure that you’re wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when operating an air compressor. Workers should wear safety glasses and appropriate hearing protection before using air compressor equipment. You should also wear a hard hat if necessary, protective footwear and an approved dust mask.

Be aware of your surroundings

Always keep an eye out for coworkers and ensure your surroundings are clear before operating the air compressor. Ensure all cables, hoses and wires are tucked away to reduce trip hazards and keep the work area as clean and clutter free as possible.

Check the voltage

Always pay close attention to a compressors voltage before use and power down the machine and release the pressure before making any repairs. The voltage can also determine whether a machine is suitable for outdoor or indoor use and you should never use an indoor air compressor outside, and vice versa.

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