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Published: 15/09/2020

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying an Air Compressor

Before you start shopping for an air compressor, it’s important you’re clued up on your requirements beforehand. Unless you know your exact requirements, you could end up spending more money than necessary. Not all air compressors are created equal and finding the right air compressor for your needs can be confusing, especially if you’re new to the industry.

If you’re a mechanic looking for an air compressor for your auto repair garage, we’ve put together a few questions to ask yourself before you begin your search.

How much pressure do you need?

Each air compressor is difficult and they are designed to handle a range of pressure levels. You need to work out how much pressure you need before you make a purchase; the right air compressor will have the correct amount of air pressure range to support the requirements of the tools in your shop.

Where will you keep your compressor?

You can store your air compressor in a number of different places, however, there are a few restrictions you’ll need to pay attention to. It’s important there is adequate ventilation where you choose to store your air compressor; in order to operate correctly, the room temperature should remain stable. If the air compressor overheats, it could shut down and ultimately damage your equipment.

When in use, the air compressor needs enough space and breathing room around it to operate properly. Make sure you leave enough space for you to regularly inspect it and ensure it continues to run in top condition too.

What are you using the compressed air for?

Another important factor to consider is what you’re actually using the air compressor for. This will help you work out what type of air compressor you need. Consider how much you intend to use the air for – will it be 10 hours a day, five days a week or only a day or two a week? It’s also important to work out whether your demands for compressed air are consistent or if they vary.

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