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Published: 15/01/2021

How to Reduce Your Air Compressor Maintenance Costs

A crucial part of working with air compressors is maintaining them to operate as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Doing so can help to prevent break-downs, minimise employee downtime, manage the equipment’s environmental impact and crucially, reduce your air compressor costs. With this in mind, having your air compressor equipment inspected, serviced and repaired when necessary is a worthwhile investment that can help your business drive cost efficiencies.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to reduce your air compressor maintenance costs without compromising on professional services and repairs. Here are three of our top tips.

Evaluate your air compressor usage

One of the most effective ways to reduce how much time and money you must spend on air compressor maintenance is to evaluate and manage your company’s usage. Overusing any equipment will accelerate both wear and tear and the development of more serious damages, so identifying where and when you might rely too heavily on air compressors can help to make tangible improvements.

Evaluating and decreasing how often you use air compression equipment will not only reduce how much you spend on maintenance but also lessen your overall operating costs!

Learn to recognise common maintenance issues

Learning to recognise the telltale signs that your air compressor isn’t functioning optimally can help you act quickly to prevent long-term (and costly) maintenance issues. For instance, you should actively listen out for air leaks, learn to spot the signs of excess moisture and condensation in your system and check the temperature of your equipment during and after use to prevent overheating.

By understanding the signs of a faulty system, you can act quickly to resolve potential issues – instead of letting them build up over time.

Schedule regular air compressor maintenance

It may seem counterproductive to reduce your maintenance costs by investing more in inspecting and servicing your air compressors, but regular maintenance by the professionals can help to prevent larger and more serious issues from developing. By acting quickly when you spot issues such as low air pressure and thermal overload, you can significantly reduce the risk of your equipment breaking down completely.

Nipping problems in the bud early on will also prevent equipment downtime from affecting your company’s workload. To keep air compressors running smoothly, you need to make scheduled maintenance, servicing and repair a priority.

Air Supply UK: Compressed air engineers based in Yorkshire

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